Extension and Validation of the MAC3D Numerical Model for Applications Involving Bubble Diffusers

Evaluation and Validation of the Mild Slope Evolution Equation Model Using Field Data

Validation of the Simplified Audit Process at a Roofing Tar Paper Speciality Product Manufacturer - Part 2
The Simplified Audit Process (SAP) is presently tested in a roofing tar paper speciality product manufacturer in Joliette, Quebec. The steps involved in the process had helped the company...

Predicting the Concentration of Trace Metals in Natural Waters: Application of Co-Precipitation and Co-Dissolution Models

Intended Validation in the Swedish Program for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Preliminary Overview of Radiological Data Validation: Problems Found in Laboratory Data

Modeling 3D Free Surface Flow in Compound Channels: A Validation Case Study
This paper presents the results of a validation study of a free-surface flow model. For the validation, experimental data collected in a compound open channel is used. This validation...

Preliminary Validation of the MAC3D Numerical Flow Model
MAC3D is a recently developed numerical model for three-dimensional incompressible flow. Model predictions are compared with physical test data for a curved open channel and a multi-level...

Optimization of Water Distribution System with Blending Requirements
In a multi-source, multi-quality water distribution system, local water agencies often find that it is necessary to impose blending requirements to secure the desired water quality in...

Validation of a 3-D Numerical Model of LV Ejection

Validating Expert Systems in Transportation Practice

Source Characterization at Contaminated Sites

Validation of Rutting in the CAL/APT Program

Field Validation and Application of a Coastal Profile Model

Validation of a Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

Validation of Turbulence Models Applied to Flow Around Building

Validation Issues for SSI Codes

Early Age Cracking in Massive Concrete Structures: Experiments, Model Validation and Sensitivity to Model Parameters

Application of Hierarchical and Modular Simulation to a Bridge Planning Project

A Regulatory Perspective on Model Validation





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