Upper Stillwater Dam Construction Program
Utilizing both proven and innovative construction techniques, equipment, and design concepts, Tyger Construction Company Inc. , located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has undertaken the...

Mapping Dispersed Urban Flooding on Alluvial Fans

Modeling Un-Ionized Ammonia with HSPF

Remedial Action at the Salt Lake City Uranium Mill Tailings Site

Great Basin Aquifer Systems, Nevada-Utah — An Overview

Intermountain Power Project Seismic Design
Coal-fueled generation units of the Intermountain Power Project are constructed in a seismically active area of Utah (UBC Zone 3). The seismic design criteria were published during the...

Winter Snowpack Augmentation in Utah
The snowpack enhancement cloudseeding program in Utah was operated continuously for ten consecutive years prior to the 1983-84 water year. It was designed to augment water supplies in...

Operational Cloud Seeding Projects in the Western United States
The physical concepts of weather modification were developed and tested in the mid 1940's by Vincent Schafer and Bernard Vonnegut. Since that time, many projects have come...

Intermountain Power Project Seismic Criteria
Four 750 MWe coal-fueled electric generation units of the Intermountain Power Project are being constructed in an earthquake-prone area of Utah (UBC Zone 3). This paper reviews the seismic...

Salinity Forum: What? How? Why—
Historically, salinity in the Colorado River System has increased significantly due to export of high quality water from the upper reaches and salt pickup from irrigation return flow....

Formulating Utah's Seismic Policy for Lifelines

Social and Economic Impact of Earthquakes in Utility Lifelines
Seismic Considerations in Lifelines Planning, Siting and Design
Lifeline earthquake engineering is explored as an attempt to mitigate seismic hazards to public utilities and transportation systems. Utilities and transportation are 50% of the property...

DMAD, Project Economic Reevaluations

Water Banking--A Concept Whose Time Has Come

Coal Mining Effects on Western Groundwater Quality

An Evaluation of a Cloud Seeding Program in Utah

UTA Canyon Bus System — A Two-Year Examination

Water Pollution and Human Use in Utah's Wasatch Canyons

Environmental Transport Model of Heavy Metals
A general model TOHM was developed to predict the transport of heavy metals originating from the stack emissions of a coal-fired electric generating facility into a final environmental...

Access to Mountain Recreation
Cable and rail transportation systems are compared with mountain highways in terms of energy consumption and adequacy. Two mountain transportation plans in Utah are taken as examples for...





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