Cost Benefit Analysis of Video-Based Vehicle Detection

Venice, Italy: An Integrated Approach to Solve the Environmental Problems of Its Unique Collection System
The prolonged lack of maintenance of the canals of the city of Venice, Italy, has caused a build-up of sediments resulting in a frequent occurrence of the low waters which has ultimately...

Density and Conditioning Characteristics of Motorway Vehicular Traffic Flow

A Finite Element Based Probability Contouring Method for Structural Analysis

Probabilistic Cervical Spine Injury Analysis Methods

Studded Tire Research in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Lunar Base Scenario for Middle School with RC Rover

Alternative Scenarios for Military Deployment of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Dynamic Vehicle Allocation Under Real Time Information: Operational Considerations and Potential Efficiencies

Vision-Based Automated Overtaking Control

Rocky Mountain HOV
In 1988, Colorado DOT and the firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson, & Mendenhall, Denver, the oversight consultant on the project, set out to bring the highway up-to-date and promote...

Selection of a Pavement System for Heavily Loaded Marine Terminal

Verification of Truck Loads for Girder Bridges

Principles of Sound Environmental Management

Prognostics for Mobile Machinery

Measured and Predicted Stress Histories in Bridge Girders Due to Vehicular Loading

Experimental Evaluation of Wheel Load Distribution on Steel I-Girder Bridges

Finite Element Modeling Techniques of Steel Girder Bridges

Vehicle Requirements for Residential Solid Waste Collection

Impact Factors for Estimating Vehicle Live Loads





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