Texas Reservoir Being Built to Fight Historic Drought Conditions

New York City's 'Green' Infrastructure Exceeds Expectations for Controlling Runoff

Extreme Wave-Force Calculation Procedure for 20th Edition of API RP-2A
The paper describes the revised guideline design wave force calculation procedure approved for the 20th edition of the API-RP2A WSD and the first edition of the API-RP2A LRFD and contrasts...

Study: Solar Power Within The Built Environment Could Exceed California's Energy Needs

Construction to Begin on Ohio's Portsmouth Bypass Following TIFIA Loan

Colorado City to Realign Major Road, Put Park on Top

GEER Response to the Oso Landslide: Documenting Perishable Details Helps Turn Disaster into Knowledge
Two months after the disastrous March 22, 2014 landslide near Oso, Washington, GEER representatives visited the affected area to gather data. This article is based on the report generated...

Ground Feature Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery: How Interferometric Stacking of SAR Can Mitigate Geo-Disasters Along Transportation Corridors
Landslides, debris flows, and other types of ground movements are among the most common hazards to humans and infrastructure. According to the United States Geological Survey, annual domestic...

Applying Scanning Technology to Tunnel Inspections: Leveraging Technology to Reduce the Public Agita
A large number of transit and vehicular tunnels in the New York Metropolitan area were inundated by the tidal surge caused by Super Storm Sandy on October 29, 2012. The storm created major...

The Leaning Towers of Wilmington, Delaware: Emergency Response and Retrofit of the I-495 Viaduct to Address Lateral Squeeze
On a sunny, summer afternoon last June, the project manager for AECOM's open-end bridge design contract with the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) received an...

Transparent Roof, Operable Walls Highlight Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium

Philadelphia Art Museum Plans Underground Expansion, 'Reshuffling' of Spaces

Thornton Composite Reservoir Greatly Boosts Chicago's CSO Storage Capacity

New York's MTA Completes $2.4-Billion Extension of Subway Line, Adds New Station

Nation's First Waste-to-Energy Plant in 20 Years Opens in Florida

'Net-Zero-Energy' Elementary School Opens in Northern Virginia

Los Angeles to Capture More Stormwater to Help Meet Future Water Demands

Becoming Greener with Green Sand: An Iron Castings Company Devises an Environmentally Friendly Liner System Reusing Foundry Byproduct
Metalcasting is one of the oldest methods of recycling—humans have a few millennia worth of experience with the technique—but today's industry still battles public preconceptions...

Colorado Pollution Spill Prompts Congress to Reexamine Abandoned Mine Lands

Northgate Link Expansion Will Extend Seattle Region's Light-Rail System





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