Installation of Conduits under Highways Using Trenchless Technology

Geotechnical Aspects of Highway Crossings Using Trenchless Technology

Design and Planning of Urban Underground Construction Using Pipe Bursting Techniques

Guidelines for the Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade of Water Transmission Facilities
Prepared by the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE This TCLEE Monograph provides guidelines for the seismic evaluation and...

Comparison of Complete Modeling/Simplified Modeling of Zaragoza City Water Supply Network
(No paper) Zaragoza is a Spanish city with 600.000 inhabitants and a water supply network of 900km long. The Council technical services uses a Microstation based GIS, GRED, for network...

Main Line Mending
Both the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), of Laurel, Maryland, and the Providence Water Supply Board, of Rhode Island, are conducting massive, multimillion-dollar rehabilitation...

Seismic Upgrades Techniques of Improving Post-Earthquake Reliability of Pipelines

Girth Joints in Steel Pipelines Subjected to Wrinkling and Ovalling

Geographic Information System (GIS) Characterization of Spatially-Distributed Lifeline Damage

Pipeline Damage Due to Fault Offsets in the Landers Earthquake

Seismic Risk Evaluation and Improvement Program for the Metropolitan Wastewater Department (MWWD), City of San Diego

Large Deformation Behavior of Pipelines with Elbows

Comparison of American and Chinese Methodologies for Evaluating Seismic Performance of Water Delivery Systems

Factors Affecting the Earthquake Damage of Water Distribution Systems

Geotechnical Aspects of Foundation Design and Construction for Pipelines Buried in Liquefiable Riverbed

Seismic Risk Analysis of Concrete Pipelines

Assessment of Wave Propagation Effects on a 1925 Pipeline with Oxyacetylene Girth Welds

Response Analysis of Water Supply Pipelines Network for Seismic Diagnosis

Case Studies of Seven Seismic Improvement Programs: Summary and Recommendations

Seismic Performance of the Second Los Angeles Aqueduct at Terminal Hill





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