Inverse Modelling of Sediment Transport

Utilizing Disparate Types of Data at a Complex Site to Reduce Uncertainty Associated with Estimated Parameters

Uncertainty-Based Scaling of Iron Reactive Barriers

Shielding Production from Uncertainty

Testing Predictions and Uncertainty Statements of Exposure Assessment Models

Framing the Need for Uncertainty Analysis in Superfund Public Health Assessments

QA Considerations-Analytical Models for Infrastructure Improvement

Optimal Seismic Design Based on Life-Cycle Cost

Watershed-Change Induced Uncertainty on Runoff Frequency for Water Resources Management

Coping with Uncertainty in the Economical Optimization of a Dike Design

Reliability of Navigation Structure Monoliths

Use of Fuzzy Methods to Assess the Reliability of Air Stripping Towers

Optimum Risk Management with Uncertain Hazard and Vulnerability Information

Updating Uncertainty in Groundwater Contamination

Uncertainty Measures in Reliability Assessment of Ship Structures

Uncertainty and Risk Analyses for FEMA Alluvial Fan Method

Risk Analysis of Levee Closures Using Range/Confidence Estimates

Fuzzy Arithmetic for Ecological Risk Management

Experimental Uncertainty and Measurement Errors in Hydraulic Engineering
The Task Committee on Experimental Uncertainty and Measurement Errors was formed to provide information and guidance on current practices used for describing and quantifying measurement...

Coastal Engineering Laboratory and Field Measurements: Some Uncertainties in Measurement
In this paper two examples of uncertainties which can occur in field measurements and measurements in coastal engineering models are examined. These examples are chosen to demonstrate...





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