Practical Prediction of Concrete Shrinkage and its Uncertainty
An improved prediction model for shrinkage is proposed. The main features are (1) diffusion-type size dependence for humidity effects, (2) initial and final asymptotic forms of the shrinkage...

Responding to the Aftermath of the Mount Saint Helens Eruption: Analysis and Communication of Risk

Health Risk Assessment Under Certainty: A Fuzzy-Risk Methodology

Session Summary—Environmental Risk Analysis

Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources
This proceedings represents an edited selection of papers presented at the Engineering Foundation Conference on Risk-Based Decision Making in Water Resources, held in Santa Barbara, California...

Uncertainty of Runoff Volume as a Function of Rainfall and Catchment Characteristics
The expected variability of runoff volume due to the uncertainties in spatial distribution of rainfall and catchment characteristics is quantified. A physically-based mathematical model...

Uncertainty Estimates for Rainfall-Runoff Model
Almost all rainfall-runoff link-node models in use today involve the subdivision of the catchment into smaller areas, linked together by a system of channel links. These 'link-node'...

Bayesian Framework for Model Structure Uncertainty: Application to Sea-Level Response to Changing Global CO2

Engineering Approaches to Risk and Reliability Analysis

Risk-Cost Evaluation of Coastal Protection Projects with Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

Safety Goals, Uncertainties, and Defense in Depth

Inspection Strategies for Offshore Structures
The fatigue limit state is the governing limit state for the structural dimensions in several parts of offshore structures. Prediction of the fatigue life of tubular joints and other welded...

A Technique for the Assessment of Uncertainty in Models Used for Risk Analysis

Non-structural Hedging in Multipurpose Reservoir Operation

Monte Carlo Simulations of Uncertainties in Risk Assessments of Superfund Sites Using Crystal Ball®
Most health risk assessments for Superfund sites combine a series of worst case assumptions to derive a 'point estimate' of risk that is 'conservative,'...

Water Quality Assessment in a Stochastic Stream Environment
Methodologies are presented within this article to aid in the quantification of the uncertainty in the management of stream water quality. Specifically, means are developed for: (1) establishing...

Conditional Simulation of the Wilmington Sand-Shale Sequence, Los Angeles Basin
In shaly clastic reservoirs at a scale where vertical cross flow cannot be ignored the main source of heterogeneity is the apparent random geometry of the sand-shale sequence. That geometry...

Prediction of Pile Capacity

Quantifying Uncertainty in Hydropower Planning
Power system operators must deal with various types of uncertainties. Some are related to inputs, such as system load and water supply, while others pertain to the system itself, such...

Planning and Execution in Uncertain Domains





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