Parametric Analysis of a 1-D Infiltration Model for Yucca Mountain

Assessment of Flood Magnitude Estimator Uncertainty: Tolerance Limits for the Gamma and Generalized Gamma Distributions

Uncertainty Analysis of Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

Using Risk to Direct Bridge Foundation Scour Research Needs

Flow Forecasting under Uncertainties

Quantifying Stage Discharge Uncertainty at Gaging Stations

Robust Plume Containment System Design Under Uncertainty

Flow Parameter Uncertainty in the Pajaro Valley Aquifer System: A Case Study Using MODFLOWP

Environmental Remediation Projects: Identifying Construction Tasks of High Uncertainty

The Long Range Transportation Planning Process: Complex Answers to the Wrong Questions

A Monte Carlo Technique for Assessing Motor Vehicle Emission Model Uncertainty

Optimal Supply of Parking at Airports
The design capacity of parking facilities at airports is generally estimated in relation to one or more standard decision variable such as enplaning passengers, number of employees, and...

Thoughts of Reservoir Management Studies
Changing water use patterns and priorities, the high cost and uncertainty of developing new supply sources, increasingly stringent environmental regulation, and the desire and need to...

Integration of Reliability, Uncertainty and Optimization in Hydraulics Systems: Classification of Problem Types
Design and operation of hydraulic systems can be an extremely complex task. Although not widely accepted the application of deterministic optimization techniques can provide guidance to...

Integration of Reliability, Uncertainty and Optimization in Hydraulics Systems: Structural Reliability
The focus of this paper is to provide an overview of analysis and optimal design of systems in which the system reliability is dependent upon the structure of the system (such as the layout...

Uncertainty in Reservoir Operation Optimisation
The water resources literature is rich with the application of optimisation techniques in the presence of uncertainty. This paper presents a brief overview of the various ways uncertainty...

Integration of Water Quantity and Quality Planning
This paper describes the integration of water quantity and quality objectives within the framework of a computerized interface design to assist with the difficult process of long-range...

Considering Uncertainties in Water Resource Designs
Design of water resource systems often faces with various uncertainties. The nature of problems in essence are decision making under uncertainties. This paper offers an introduction to...

Designing Under Uncertainty When We Can Reduce Uncertainty: When is Another Observation Worth the Cost?
A method is presented that optimizes the selection of sites for observation of an uncertain parameter when that parameter is used in the risk-based design of an engineered system. The...

Treatment of Uncertainty in the NRC Regulatory Process





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