Seepage Assessments and Control Associated with Florida's Phosphate Industry

Issues of Uncertainty Regarding Localized Strains in Granular Soils

An Interactive Operator Interface for Task-Level Direction of a Robot in Uncertain Environments

Uncertainty in Evaluation of Historical Subsidence Measurements

Bayesian Assessment and Selection of Models for Structural Reliability Analysis

Estimation of In-Situ Test Uncertainty

Evaluation of Nitrate Treatment Methods Under Uncertainty
There are several methods of removing nitrate from drinking water with varying degrees of cost and system perfonnance. In this study, the cost-effectiveness of the following nitrate removal...

Uncertainty in the Geologic Setting and Its Impact on Site Characterization

Some Thoughts About Ecosystems: Management, Control, and Uncertainty

Uncertainty in the Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

Effect of Uncertainty in the Assessment of the Potential Impact of Waste Disposal Facilities

Geometrical and Material Uncertainties in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Use of Fuzzy Logic in the Quantification of Dynamic Uncertainties Due to Degradation

Ice Loads

Uncertainty Analysis in Non-Point Source Water Quality Management Decisions

Use of Uncertainty Analysis in Water Quality Models

Water Quality Management of Ammonia Under Uncertainty

Applying Decision Analysis to Water Strategies

Decision Analysis Tools for Water Resource Management

A Model for Risk-Based Dredging Decisions





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