Stochastic Finite Element Method in Geomechanics

A Practical Approach to Uncertainty Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering

Estimation of In-Situ Test Uncertainty

Bayesian Assessment and Selection of Models for Structural Reliability Analysis

Overcoming Soil Uncertainty in Prediction of Construction and Industrial Vibrations

Probabilistic Assessment on Variability of Mechanical Properties of Rock Masses

A Combined Fuzzy and Random-Set Approach to the Multiobjective Optimization of Uncertain Systems

Effect of Uncertainty on an Active Mass Damper System

Magnetic Investigation of a Simulated Hazardous Waste Site

Analyzing Spatial Variability of In Situ Soil Properties

Non-Statistical Uncertainties in Liquefaction Risk Assessment

Incorporating Uncertainty, Objective, and Subjective Data in Geologic Site Characterization

Evaluating Subsurface Uncertainty Using Zonal Kriging

Ocean Environment Contours for Structural Response Analysis and Experiment Design

Incorporation of Fuzzy Damage States in Seismic Fragility Analysis

Random Response of Nonlinear System to PERPM Model

Achieving a Reasonable Level of Accuracy in Site Characterization in the Presence of Geologic Uncertainty

Uncertainty Modeling for Preliminary Design of Structures

Vulnerability Assessment within BMS

Modeling the Impact of Sea Level Rise in Delaware Bay
A three-dimensional model of the Delaware Bay has been employed to provide insight on the impact of a 1.0 ft (0.304 in) sea level rise on salinity conditions in Delaware Bay. Model results...





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