Using the ORIGEN2 Computer Code for Near Core Activation Calculations

An ORIGEN2 Update for PCs and Mainframes

The Role of Performance Assessment in Validation, Regulation and Public Acceptance

Radiological Protection Criteria for Solid Radioactive Waste Disposal

Safety Analysis for Waste Transports to the Planned Final Waste Repository KONRAD

Colorimetric Determination of Fe²+/Fe³+ Ratio in Radioactive Glasses

Experimental Characterization of Jet Forces on Waste Tank Components

Combined Natural Convection and Surface Radiation in the Annular Region Between a Volumetrically Heated Inner Tube and a Finite Conducting Outer Tube

Overview of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

Near-Field Radiation Doses from Transported Spent Nuclear Fuel

Understanding the Medical Applications of Radionuclides

Partitioning and Transmutation of Long-Lived Fission Products

Decision Management for the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

A Context for Understanding the Significance of Radiation Exposures from the MRS

Shielding and Criticality at the MRS Facility

Criticality Safety of TRU Storage Arrays at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Radiation Measurements for Verifying the Loading of Burnup Credit Casks

Assessment of Proposed Dose Factor Changes to Shipping Cask Design and Operation

Conceptual Design of a Monitored Retrievable Storage Cask Employing Yucca Mountain Containers

Radiological Environmental Monitoring for the Yucca Mountain Site





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