Salt Gradient Solar Ponds: Their Potential Applications and Implications for the Western United States

Sewage Sludge Disinfection by ¹³7C5 Irradiation

UV Disinfection for Onsite Filter Effluent

Wind-Induced Mixing in Stratified Fluid
In this note a simple model is offered for mixed-layer deepening caused by wind action at the free surface of a density-stratified fluid. Solar radiation, cooling advection, and Coriolis...

Determination of Light Extinction Coefficients in Lakes and Reservoirs

Hydrologic Regimes and Long Range Predictions

Evaluation of Sludge Irradiation as a Process to Further Reduce Pathogens

Effects of Radiation on Sludge Managements

Sludge Management Using Electron Disinfection

The Effects of U.V. Aging on PVC Pipe

Use of Digital Terrain Data in Topographic Analysis

Airborne Snow Survey Using Natural Gamma Radiation

Water Temperature Mapping by Infrared Scanner

Dynamic Stiffness of Group of Battered Piles
A group of battered piles subjected to dynamic loads interacts with the surrounding soil. Pile-soil-pile interaction must be properly accounted for , incorporating the frequency-dependent...

Phosphorus Uptake by Biological Slimes
Although much interest through the years has surrounded luxury uptake of phosphurus by activated sludge, critical attention has largely ignored this subject in favor of biological slimes...

Temperature Dynamics in Dimictic Lakes
Daily water temperature profiles in temperature lakes are predicted from time-variable meteorological conditions and lake morphology. A total energy concept which includes wind energy...

Atmospheric Reaeration in a River Using Productivity Analysis
Two new methods for estimating the reaeration coefficient in rivers have been developed. The methods use measurements of dissolved oxygen and incident radiation with a solution to the...

New Sources of Power—Solar Energy
In the very near term, solar energy can provide hot water and space heating, and in the intermediate term, space cooling for both commercial and residential buildings. In the longer term,...

Weather Effects on Mason Productivity
Mason productivity is determined by architectural design, contractor efficiency, mason skill, and weather. Thermal stress in humans is affected by the balance between metabolism and evaporation,...

Competitive Growth of Sewage Organisms
A Warburg study demonstrates the effects of low temperature, chloride ion concentration, and ultraviolet irradiated asphalt on the growth of activated sludge and sewage fungus Geotrichum...





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