Bringing Low Flow to Eskimos
Engineers in Alaska initiated a program to bring potable water and wastewater service to a town of 500 Yup'ik Eskimos. This entailed building a 7.2 km boardwalk over permafrost...

Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation
Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment
This proceedings, Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment, contains papers presented at the First International...

Environmental and Coastal Hydraulics
Protecting the Aquatic Habitat
This proceedings, Environmental and Coastal Hydraulics: Protecting the Aquatic Environment, contains papers presented at the 27th Congress...

Automatic Control and Instrumentation

Evaluation of the Non-Isothermal/Thermal Unsaturated/Saturated Flow and Transport (NUFT) Code Using Analytical Solutions

Water and Solute Movement and Simulation in Soil Medium Models

Development of Environmental Quality Modeling and Simulation Systems for the U.S. Department of Defense

Numerical Study on Effects of Leakage from Phreatic Aquifer on Flow in Confined Aquifer

Turbulent Bursting-Based Formulation of Suspended Sediment Transport Capacity

Observations of Turbulent Mixing and Shear in a Partially Stratified Estuary

Performance of In-Stream Boulder Clusters in a Cobble-Bed River

Numerical Modelling of Solute Transport in a Compound Channel

Surface Velocity Measurement of River Flow Using Video Images of an Oblique Angle

Turbulent Behaviors in Open Channel Trench Analyzed by Using PIV and Turbulence Model

Air Concentration Measurements in Highly Turbulent Aerated Flow

Analysis of Flow Field in the Meandering Channel

Unsteady Flow Characteristics in a Compound Channel

Influence of Over-Basin Diversion Reservoir on Water Management

Calibration of Open Channel Flow Computer Simulations

Hydraulics of Two-Layer Exchange Flow Over a Sill





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