Macrodispersion in Stochastic Facies Type Gravel Aquifer Modeling

The Coupled Effects of Subsurface Heterogeneities and Nonequilibrium Sorption Processes on Solute Transport

Monte Carlo Simulations of Non-Ergodic Solute Transport in Random Porous Media

Trace Element Investigations Before Irrigation Development

Long-Range Transport of Contaminants in an Aquifer-Stream System

Capillary Barrier System to Prevent Contaminant Releases from Landfills

Numerical Solution of Water Flow in the Unsaturated Zone Using a Dynamic Programming Method

Optimization Modeling for Water Resource Allocation in Volusia County, Florida

Numerical Modeling of Flow Processes in Capillary Barriers

A Least-Squares Procedure for Identifying Boundary Conditions Consistent with Water Table Elevation

Characteristics of Soil Water Flow Processes

Flow and Solute Transport in Laboratory Fracture-Matrix Systems

Is the Cubic Law Generally Valid in Single Fractures? Numerical Investigations Concerning Flow Phenomena Using a Single-Step Model

Groundwater Behaviour in Tidal Beaches

Analysing the Impact of Well Hydraulic Properties on Well Inflows in Fissured Porous Aquifers

Hydraulic Study of Secondary Stilling Basins

Solution of the Saint Venant Equations Through the Use of Riemann Based Methods

Time Accurate Simulation of Free Surface Flow Problems

Implicit TVD Methods for Modelling Discontinuous Channel Flows

Numerical Simulation of Large Eddy Structure in Hydraulic Jump





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