On the Diffusional Stress Transmission
A probabilistic diffusional mechanism for the propagation of intergranular forces has been formulated as a set of three mathematical assumptions. The equilibrium equations are complemented...

Computation of Wind Pressures on L-Shaped Buildings
The paper refers to the numerical simulation of turbulent wind conditions around an arbitrarily-shaped building composed of two rectangular blocks. The time-averaged Navier-Stokes equations...

Turbulence, and Energy Loss, at Combining Pipe Junctions
Efforts to measure and describe the loss of energy at 90° sharp-edged junctions are described. The work is focussed on energy losses at discharge and area ratios for which there are no...

General Mechanism of Turbulence
By considering the vortex structures of turbulence and using the concept and theory of the pulsative convection and diffusion of instantaneous vorticity in a viscous fluid motion, the...

Influence of Gas Phase Turbulence on the Transport of Particles
An interesting and perhaps unexpected flow feature characterizing the transport of a gas-solid suspension in a vertical duct is the radial nonuniformity of particles over the tube cross-section....

Very Low Frequency Radio Astronomy from Lunar Orbit
This paper discusses the use of very low frequency aperture synthesis as a probe of astrophysical phenomena. Specifically, the science achievable with the Lunar Observer Radio Astronomy...

A Stochastic Model for Crack Initiation and Fatigue Life
A stochastic theory of high cycle fatigue life is based on a combination of the theory of diffusion in the presence of a stress field with activated state theory. The result is expressed...

Oceanographic Influences on Oil Spill Movement in the Arabian Gulf

Hydrodynamics for Water Quality Models

Erosion of a Thin Lutocline Under Homogeneous Turbulence

Gas Transfer in Diffused Bubble Plumes

Automated Diffusion Wave Modeling of Watershed Hydraulics

Benthic Exchange of Toxic Contaminants

Important Sources of Errors in Computational Hydraulics

Numerical Methods 101—Convergence of Numerical Models

Boundary Conditions for Sediment-Laden Flows

Computation of Long-Term Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics of New York Bight

Entropy-Based Velocity Distribution Model in Study of Distribution of Suspended-Sediment Concentration

Model for Pollutant Transport by Eddy Simulation

Design of a Threshold Channel





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