Determining Rehabilitated Sewer Flow Capacity

Fault Crossing Design and Seismic Considerations for the South Bay Ocean Outfall

Statistical Dynamics of Pipe-Line with One-Side Contact Supports Under Turbulence of Cross-Wind Loads

Soil Thermal Properties for the Design of Underground Structures in Cold Regions

A Diffusion-Type Adsorption Batch Test Method for Determination of Benzene Adsorption on Regina Clay

Fundamental Modeling of Chloride Diffusion in Concrete

Multi-Scale Models of the Diffusivity of Concrete

A New Method for Studying Diffusion in Unsaturated Soil

Analytical Models for Cumulative Mass Column Testing

Containment Strategies for Landfilled Wastes

Effect of Degree of Saturation on the Adsorption Characteristics of Inorganic Chemical in Unsaturated Soils

Grouting Through a River
A regional sewer district in Ohio is implementing a master plan to separate storm and sanitary flows, decommission some old treatment plants and upgrade others. Part of the plan, the West...

Numerical Methodologies and Turbulent Flow Simulation in Computational Wind Engineering

Validation of Turbulence Models Applied to Flow Around Building

Turbulent Thermals and Plumes in Rotating Fluids

A Global Ocean 3-D Plume Dispersion Model

A Length-Scale Model for Merging of Jets in a Coflow

The University of Notre Dame Atmospheric Wind Tunnel

Wind Simulation for Wind Effects on Low Structures

Application of Turbulence Theory to a Laboratory Surf Zone





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