A DEM Based Hydrologic and Sediment Transport Model
A DEM-based, physically-distributed model was developed for simulating event runoff and erosion on an agricultural watershed. Runoff was described using the diffusion equation with flow...

Direct Measurement of Turbulence Structures in a Standard Jar Test Tank Using PIV System
Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is applied to the measurement of instantaneous two-dimensional velocity fields in a standard 2-liter jar test tank for several different impeller speeds....

A Three Dimensional Oil Spill Model
This paper reports the development and testing of a comprehensive three-dimensional oil spill model. At present time, the model components include advection and turbulent diffusion, vertical...

Discussion of Some Grid-Independence Issues in the Context of κ—ϵ and κ—ω Models of Turbulence

Simulation of Dilute Gas-Solid Flows in Horizontal Channels

Analysis Tools of Transitioning and Turbulent Flows

Dominant Eddy Simulation in Turbulent Flow

Bifurcation of Line Thermals

Thermohaline Buoyancy Effects on Turbulent Flows

On the Relationship between Net-Momentum Fluxes and Wall-Normal Velocity Fluctuations

Distribution of Reynolds Stress above a Packed Bed in Open Channel Flow

A Model for Bed Surface Shear Stress Fluctuations

Mixing of a Bent-over Jet in Crossflow

Turbulence Measurements in Saline Gravity Current Fronts

Effect of Finite Source on Vertical Round Dense Jets

Characterization of Turbulent Scales in Atmospheric Wind by Orthonormal Wavelets

The Aerodynamic Forces on Low-Rise Structures: The Effects of Incident Turbulence

Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

Experimental Investigation of the Temporal Intermittency in the Transition to Turbulence of a Plane Mixing Layer

Adaptive Diffuse Element-Finite Element Technique for Transient Analysis in Porous Media





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