Desilting Reservoir Sediment Deposits by Drawdown Flushing

Numerical Simulation of Large Eddy Structure in Hydraulic Jump

3-D Turbulent Flow Simulation for the Tail Water Channel

An Extended Depth-Averaged Turbulence Model for Flow Constricted by Cofferdams

The Analysis of Rotor-Stator Interaction Phenomena in a Pump-Turbine

Local Scouring Downstream of Positive Step Stilling Basins

Turbulence and Stability at Interfaces in Stratified Reservoir for Power Generation

Physical Model Study of Jet-Breaker Baffle Concepts in Pump Intake Structures with Pipe Inflows

Influence of Approach Flow Non Uniformity on Vortices at a Pump Intake

Characteristics of Flow Conditions on Stepped Channels

Deposition of Fine Suspended Sediment in a Gravel-Bed Flow

Analytical Predictions of Weakly Swirling Turbulent Pipe Flow

Hot-Film Shear Stress Measurements in Laminar and Turbulent Flows

Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Unsteady Turbulent Flow

Comparison of Debris Flow Modelling Approaches

Surface Velocity Vector Field Measurement of Debris Flow Based on Spatio Temporal Derivative Space Method

QA/QC's Role in Dredging and Disposal

QA for Effective Fine Pore Aeration Diffusers in Wastewater Treatment Systems

John F. Kennedy Student Paper Competition and Specialty Seminar Summaries
This proceedings, John F. Kennedy Student Paper Competition and Specialty Seminar Summaries, consists of papers presented at the 27th Congress...

Water for a Changing Global Community
This six-volume collection contains the papers presented at the 27th Congress of the International Association of Hydraulic Research on Water for a Changing Global Community. The Proceedings...





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