Recovering Techniques and Possible use of the Geometry of Old Runners

Hydraulics of a New Modular Fish Diversion Screen

Yacyreta - Western World's Largest Kaplan Turbines

Rehabilitation of Unit #2 at Bennetts Bridge Hydro

Cavitation Repair by Welding Without Gouging

Electronic Governors for Stand Alone Induction Generators

Advances in Runner Design for Turbines and Pumpturbines using a Numerical Test Rig

The Svartisen High Head Project, Turbine Design and Manufacturing

Turbine Performance Tests at the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant

Yards Creek Pump/Turbine Upgrade Part 1 - Structural Redesign and Analysis

Yards Creek Pump/Turbine Upgrade Part 2: Hydraulic Redesign

Bad Creek & Mingtan - Pump/Turbine Commissioning

Turbine Passage Survival at Low-Head Hydro Projects

Double Runner Francis Turbines for Applications with Wide Flow Variations

Modernization of Pelton Turbine Pressure Regulators

Dodge Falls Hydro-A New Technolgoy for an Old Site

Numerical Prediction of Aeration in Hydroturbine Draft Tubes

Aeration Using the Howell-Bunger Valve

A Multiple Disk Centrifugal Pump as an Artifical Ventricle
A pulsatile, multiple disk, centrifugal pump has been analysed and tested for potential use as an artificial ventricle. The pump is similar to a Tesla Turbine design which consists of...

Fatigue Life Variability and Reliability Analysis of a Wind Turbine Blade
Wind turbines must withstand harsh environments that induce many stress cycles into their components. A numerical analysis package is used to illustrate the sobering variability in predicted...





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