Uses and Limitations of Conventional Hydraulic Models in the Planning and Design of Storage Tunnels
The hydraulic design of storage tunnels requires special considerations relative to the design of conventional sewers. These issues include characterization and control of inflows, energy...

Monitoring Two Tunnels
Two pilot projects for bored tunneling in soft soil have been undertaken in the Netherlands under the authority of the Centre for Underground Construction: the Second Heinenoord Tunnel...

Grouting Program Bridges New Building Loads over Unused Railroad Tunnel

Life at the End of the Tunnel
Deadly tunnel fires in Europe have raised new concerns about tunnel fire safety around the world. Modifications to structures, mechanical systems, and operating procedures can make new...

Pushing Back
(Available on in special edition) The design for the $3.5-million Cameron Run tunnel rehabilitation project involved a tricky and relatively unproven method of pushing corrugated steel...

Speeding Across Spain
Spain is extending its high-speed rail system—the Alta Velocidad Española (AVE)—to include a line running from Madrid to Lleida, with stops in Guadalajara and Zaragoza. The line will extend...

Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award and Award of Merit for 2001
The outstanding civil engineering achievement award (OCEA) recognizes civil engineering projects that contribute to community well-being, demonstrate resourcefulness in planning and solving...

Tunneling with Care
The Mission Valley Light Rail East extension was to run just north of San Diego State University (SDSU), and was to be constructed using a tunnel-boring machine (TBM). But the Metropolitan...

Shotcrete Development in Brazil

Early Strength and Physical Properties in Accelerated Shotcrete

Early Age Properties of Shotcrete

Single-Shelled Shotcrete Lining Aspects and Application in Central Europe

The Acapulco Vehicular Tunnel

Shotcrete Lining Design Concepts for New and Rehabilitated Tunnels

Broader View of Shotcrete Control and Design for Specific Utilization

Highly Deformable Shotcrete Lining—Design and Experience

Early Developments of Shotcrete and Steel Fiber Shotcrete

Calcium Sulfo-Aluminate Based Accelerator for High-Strength Shotcrete in Japan

How to Use Modern Wet Mix Shotcrete Technology for Single Shell Permanent Tunnel Linings

Tunnel with Vision
Two tunnel boring machines that are being used to bore a pair of 6.6 km long tunnels under the Westerschelde estuary in the southern Netherlands must dig through loose sand and sticky...





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