Buckling Capacity of Tunnel and Penstock Liners Using Finite Element Analysis Techniques

Rocky Mountain Pumped Storage Project Performance of Reservoirs, Dams and Power Tunnel

Cutting Off Water in Queens
New York's Transit Authority wanted to dig a new tunnel for a Queens subway connection, but first contractors had to wall-off the potentially contaminated groundwater nearby....

Great Grouts (Available only in Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
Particulate grouting has long posed challenges to those in the geotechnical field. But significant developments in the understanding of hydration and rheology control look promising. Modern...

Advancements of TBMs and Back-up Equipment over Twenty-Five Years of TARP

Construction Challenges for the South Bay Ocean Outfall, San Diego, CA--An Update

Toward a Healthy Harbor
Once dubbed the filthiest harbor in America, the Boston Harbor is now the model of recovery. The Boston Harbor Project, a court-mandated 12-year, $3.4 billion cleanup, includes a sprawling...

Tunneling Against Time (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The phenomenal growth of Las Vegas has prompted nearly $1 billion worth of water-supply projects. A $33 million tunnel scheme—a critical element of the new construction—is on pace. The...

The Challenges of Tunneling for the Los Angeles Subway

Monitoring Systems for Control of Compensation Grouting

Analysis of SPTC Walls on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Analysis of Productivity on a Tunnel Operation Using Computer Simulation

Horizontal Directional Drilling for Bypass Tunnels

Inspection and Evaluation of a 100-Year Old Aqueduct Tunnel

Deep Soil-Cement Mixing for Tunnel Support at Boston's I-93NB/I-90 Interchange

Twin Peaks—The Oregon Convention Center, an Architect's Perspective

Train/Vehicles Wind-Induced Hazard and Its Mitigation

Air Entrainment in Bottom Outlet Tailrace Tunnels

The North Metro Interceptor Sewer

From Flood to Flourish: The Chicago Freight Tunnel Assessment Program





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