The San Francisco Connection
An underground switchyard and storage facility for San Francisco's Municipal Railway challenged the limits of both cut-and-cover and tunneling in loose soil. The project was...

Overcoming the Challenges of Replacing 20 km of Defective 1524 mm Diameter PCCP

North City Tunnel Connects to New Water Reclamation Plant

Construction Challenges for Soft Ground Tunneling

San Diego's Conveyance Tunnels: A Historical Perspective

A Tiltable Windtunnel for Investigating Icing of Planar Surfaces

Grouting of TBM Rock Tunnels for the Los Angeles Subway

Jet Grouting for the 63rd Street Tunnel

Pre-Construction Aspects of Deep Soil-Cement Mising for CA/T Project

Undersea Shield Tunnels of Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway

Tunneling through Gasoline Contamination: The Caracas Metro Experience

Underground Transportation Facilities: USA & Asia

Downtown Goes Uptown in Stainless Steel
In an unusual urban planning endeavor, a business district in Houston upgraded infrastructure, and added stainless steel design elements to unify the area. About $11 million was raised...

How Creative Engineers Think
Engineering giants think in a non-traditional way, combining scientific thinking with creative thinking, which results in technological thought. The author gives examples of how Gustave...

Three P's of Mega Project Control: Past, Present and Planned

Construction Ground Movement Impacts on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Geotechnical Instrumentation for a Megaproject

The Use of Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles for the Inspection of Water-Filled Pipelines and Tunnels

Understanding NATM as a Design Process in Construction

Brasilia Metro Underground





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