Central Artery Utility Crossings

Canal Road Water Treatment Plant Intake Tunnels

San Diego's Historic Dulzura Conduit: New Solutions

Design of the Santa Ana River Wash Crossing of the Inland Feeder

Technological Advances in the Design and Construction of Water Mains for Crossing Under Rivers and Other Barriers

Just One More Boring, and We'll Know for Sure!

Geologic Uncertainties in Tunneling

Concrete Pavements in Tunnels

Seepage Stoppers
After 65 years of continuous operation without any major rehabilitation, the Detroit-Windsor tunnel had sprung a few leaks. Engineers used elasticized grout to stop the seepage, a material...

A Fracture Mechanics-Based Design Method for SFRC Tunnel Linings

The Human Side of L.A. Metro
Encino, Calif.-based photographer Ken Karagozian was given access to the construction of L.A. Metro's Red Line. Karagozian tries to capture not only the scope of the work...

Boston Blockbuster
The Central Artery/Tunnel project in Boston is probably the single largest publicly-funded transportation project in the country at present. The total cost will be between $8 and $10 billion...

Underground Contracts for the 21st Century
Noting that support for the guidelines for underground construction put forth by ASCE's Underground Technology Council has been eroding, the author addresses current issues...

On Target: The Arrowhead East and West Tunnels
Two new water tunnels in Southern California will feature continuous impermeable linings, extensive probing and grouting, and unique seismic sections to minimize damage in fault zones...

Portland's Light Rail Goes Underground
A 29-km extension of Portland's first modern light rail system nears completion. The extension includes a 4.6 km twin-tunnel section and the deepest transit station in North...

Hawaii's Interbase Interstate
Connecting two major military installations, Hawaii's third Interstate highway (H-3) is the largest ($1 billion) HDOT project to date as well as the longest in time (planning...

Lime Stabilization and Disposal of Contaminated Dredged Harbor Sediments

Hong Kong Flies into the Future
Hong Kong's new airport, Chek Lap Kok, is scheduled to open in 1997. That is the year in which China takes over the government of Hong Kong from Great Britain. The airport,...

Central Artery/Tunnel Project Environmental Permitting of Marine Facilities

Full-Scale Studies of Pedestrian Winds: Comparisons With Wind Tunnel and Evaluation of Human Comfort





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