Tunneling Under Pressure
Work will begin this month on the South Bay Ocean Outfall (SBOO) project, a $140 million undertaking to build 3.6 mi of tunneling through the saturated ground of the Pacific Ocean. When...

Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the ├śresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

Particle Dynamics in the Sound Between Denmark and Sweden

Geotechnical Instrumentation for Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project: An Overview

Wind Tunnel and Water Flume Testing in the Design of High Rise and Long Span Structures

Cape Girardeau Bridge Over the Mississippi River

Computational Model for Wind-Induced Pressure Underneath Paver Roofing Systems

Area-average Wind Pressures on a Low-rise Building

International Collaboration in the Design of Three Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels

Boston's Third Harbor Tunnel (Available only in Focus on Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
Boston's immersed marine tube, the Third Harbor Tunnel, connecting South Boston and Logan Airport, is a $226 million component of the multi-billion dollar Central Artery/Third...

Groundwater Monitoring For a Tunneling Project
The Groundwater Monitoring and Management Plan, developed for the proposed tunnel reaches between Devil Canyon and City Creek, monitors and manages selected water resource features within...

Simulation and Observation of ESF Tunnel Effects on Barometric Conditions

Tunneling Progress on the Yucca Mountain Project

Estimation of Leakage Quantity for Long Auxiliary Ventilation Systems

Evaluating Hydraulic Roughness in Tunnels
Much of the data presented in the literature on measured friction losses in tunnels are given in terms of the Darcy-Weisbach f or Manning's...

Generalized Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis: Geomechanical Applications

Analytical Study and Verification of a Coupled Theory of Mixtures for Application in Cone Penetration and Tunnel Boring in Soils

Characterization of Turbulent Scales in Atmospheric Wind by Orthonormal Wavelets

Identification of Aerodynamic Indicial Functions

Wind Tunnel Modeling of Atmospheric Dispersion in the Vicinity of Buildings





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