Construction Ground Movement Impacts on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Displacements of Structures and BART Tunnels Caused by Construction of MUNI Metro Turnback in San Francisco

Pre-Construction Aspects of Deep Soil-Cement Mising for CA/T Project

Train/Vehicles Wind-Induced Hazard and Its Mitigation

Compensation Grouting
To minimize ground movement while tunneling a sewer 5 m below Toronto's Spadina subway line, engineers used special instrumentation, tunneling control and grouting to limit...

Tunneling Against Time (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The phenomenal growth of Las Vegas has prompted nearly $1 billion worth of water-supply projects. A $33 million tunnel scheme—a critical element of the new construction—is on pace. The...

Twin Peaks—The Oregon Convention Center, an Architect's Perspective

Controlling Factors in the Aerodynamic Stability of Cable Stayed Bridges

Analysis of SPTC Walls on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Internal Wind-Pressure Comparisons for a Full-Scale and Model Building

Watching Under Boston
Managing the daily operations of Boston's Central Artery/Ted Williams Tunnel project requires integrating a variety of hi-tech systems to ensure efficient traffic flow. The...

Incorporating Microtunnels into the Design of Pipeline Networks

Valley Center Pipeline Tunnel

Horizontal Directional Drilling for Bypass Tunnels

Installation of an Reinforced Concrete Sewer Through the Basement of an Existing Six-Story Building

Electronic Toll Collection and Safety at the Holland Tunnel

New Jersey Route 495 Exclusive Bus Lane Safety Study

Steel-Concrete Composite Immersed Tunnel Construction in Japan

Monitoring Systems for Control of Compensation Grouting

Deep Soil-Cement Mixing for Tunnel Support at Boston's I-93NB/I-90 Interchange





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