Tsunamis along West Coast of Luzon, Philippines

The March 2011 Tsunami and it's Impact on Crescent City Harbor

Lessons Learned from the December 26, 2004 Sumatra Quake and Tsunami
On December 26, 2004, a devastating earthquake occurred off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, creating seismic and tsunami waves felt by people who live around the Indian Ocean....

Characteristics of Giant Freak Waves Observed in the Sea of Japan

Evaluating the Tsunami Risk in California

Peru's Program for Disaster Mitigation 1992-1995

Understanding of Urban Hazards, Fire, and Tsunamis

Opening Remarks by Robert L. Wiegel

The Cape Mendocino Earthquake: A Local Tsunami Wakeup Call?
Sudden displacement of the seafloor due to fault offset or submarine slumping can generate tsunami waves that can travel vast distances across open ocean and damage coastal communities....

Numerical Model for Tsunami Run-Up
Originally published in: Journal of the Waterways, Harbors and Coastal Engineering Division, ASCE, WW3, August 1970, pp. 701-719...

Review of Tsunamis Risk in the Coastal Area of Region VIII (Chile): Prevention Planning

Tsunami‚ÄĒPreparing for a Vague and Rare Event
A tsunami (tidal wave) to an earth scientist is a vague event - to others, it is a Hollywood enhanced and misunderstood event. These attitudes are heightened by the fact that tsunamis...

Evaluation of Tsunami Risk at the Southwest Coast of the Iberian Peninsula
The southwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula has a long history of being affected by tsunami waves. The tsunami risk analysis carried out for this area included the compilation of a catalog...

Tsunamis on the Pacific Coast of the United States
The vulnerability of the Pacific coastal areas to tsunamis is examined. The effects of previous tsunamis generated off the west coast of the United States (local tsunamis) and of remote...

A Program to Acquire Deep Ocean Tsunami Measurements in the North Pacific
Deep ocean tsunami measurements are needed to provide open ocean boundary conditions for testing numerical models in hindcast studies, and for improving our understanding of tsunami generation...

A Practical Method for Long Wave Propagation

The Propagation of the Leading Wave

Tsunami Predictions for the Coast of Alaska
The 100- and 500-year combined tsunami and tide elevations are predicted along the southern coast of Alaska. Because there is little historical data of tsunami occurrence in the area,...

Tsunami Hazards in Coastal Zones

Spectral Wave Set-up and Run-up





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