Stochastic Analysis of the Truckee River Flow System
The Truckee River system is a complex system that involves a number of hydraulic structures such as natural and artificial lakes and reservoirs and diversions. Streamflow data have been...

The Emergence of Spill Prevention Concerns for Water Resources
In Regions where water pollution control programs have succeeded in cleaning up our waters, spills from fixed installations and vessels, trucks and trains continue to represent a very...

Bridge Fatigue Load Modeling for Truck Weight Limit Changes

Recycling Wash Water in Ready-Mixed Concrete Operations

Truck-Induced Wind Loads on Highway Sign Support Structures

Delay-Based Passenger Car Equivalents for Heavy Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

GIS Assisted Truck Traffic Analysis for the Management of Rural Highway Networks

Heavy Truck Movement Model for the Port of Miami

The Lower Truckee River, A System in Transition

Identification of Safety Problem Areas for Trucks in Work Zones

The Optimal Placement of FSP Tow Trucks

Selection of Ramp Truck Rollover Countermeasures Using Notice Ratings

Dynamic Simulation-Based Pavement Consumption Model

Constraint Logic Programming Contribution for Fleet Management System in Freight Transport

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 1: Fuel Cladding

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 2: Containment Seal

Identification of Regional (Third Party) Impacts Associated with the Truckee River Operating Agreement
This paper focuses on problems and solutions encountered to identify regional impacts of the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA). Two issues influenced the development of a regional...

Verification of Site-Specific Live Load on Bridges

IFMS: Evaluation of Pilot Projects

Public Attitudes, Behavior, and the Willingness to Sacrifice to Mitigate Uncertain Adversity: Water Management Implications for Climate Change
Although several scholars have touted the emergence of a new environmentalism, many Americans seem to make decisions that do not reflect green thinking. Examples include driving more miles...





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