Aquifer Storage and Recovery at the Centennial Water and Sanitation District Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Allows for Cost Effective Development of a Regional Public Water Supply System in a Water Short Area

Deep Well Artificial Recharge Beneath a Rural Residential Planned Development, Fresno County, California

WEAP: A Tool for Sustainable Water Resources Planning in the Border Region

Regional Modeling - The Time is Now

Planning for Water Treatment for the Boston Region

Developing a Comprehensive Intermodal Transportation System in an Environmentally Sensitive Resort/Retirement Region - Cape Cod

Boston's Regional Water Supply in 2020

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

Methods for Assessing Urban Storm Water Pollution

Water Quality Measures In Urban Stormwater Management

Small Watershed Storm Water Management Programs

Planning For Water Supply Watersheds

Detection of Effect of Urbanization on Storm Runoff

Instream Flow Studies: Susquehanna Basin and Pennsylvania
Proposed methodology for developing regional criteria for determining instream flow needs are described. The methodology includes: classification of streams; reconnaissance level studies...

The Everett, Washington, Water Supply IRP
The City of Everett, Washington, supplies water to most of the population of Snohomish County, located just north of Seattle. The County is rapidly urbanizing, and preliminary review of...

Conservation Measures in Urban Storm Water Management
The management of storm water runoff has been given considerable attention by regulatory agencies and practicing engineers in recent years. The current state of-the-art of storm water...

Surface Water Withdrawal Permits Programs for Humid Regions
In humid regions of the U.S., where control of surface water withdrawal is traditionally under the riparian doctrine, there are few strong regulatory programs to restrict water use. In...

Surface Water Quality Modeling in the Rio Grande
The City of Albuquerque (City) in New Mexico owns and operates the Southside Water Reclamation Plant (SWRP), which discharges an average of 200623 m3/d...

An Interactive Regional Regression Approach to Estimating Flood Quantiles
In Texas, a computer program has been developed which will estimate flood quantiles for an ungaged site based on data from gaging stations with similar watershed characteristics. The user...





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