Proposed Acceptable Earthquake Risk Procedures for the Port of Los Angeles 2020 Expansion Program

Development of SIGNAL: An Early Warning System of City Gas Network

Seismic Reliability Assessment of Water Systems

Water Quality Master Planning in an Urban Watershed

Calibration and Verification of QUAL2E Water Quality Model in Sub-Tropical Canals

Regional Frequency Analysis of Floods in a Multivariate Framework

Calibration and Verification of Watershed Quality Model SWMM in Sub-Tropical Urban Areas

Southern Africa Regional Water Sector Assessment for U.S. Agency for International Development

Flooding in Southeastern United States from Tropical Storm Alberto, July 1994

Hydrologic Effects of Increased Urbanization

Stormwater Runoff Control in the City of Austin, Texas(adapted from Urban Pollution Prevention and Control Planning, EPA, 1993)

Developing New Groundwater Resources to Meet the Critical Demands of a Fast Growing Mexican City

Potential Groundwater Contamination from Stormwater Infiltration

Development of a Regional 3-D Groundwater Modeling System for the Savannah River Nuclear Site, South Carolina

Hazard Analysis for a Large Regional Landfill

A Floating Solution to Environmental Problems in Airport Siteing: A New Concept

Making a Pavement Management System Functional at Salt Lake City

Evaluation of Transportation Alternatives for Tallahassee's Proposed Northeast Parkway

Application of a Simplified Land Use Transportation Planning Process in a Developing Region

The Foundation for a New Approach to Implement Building Innovation
Prepared by the Partnership for Building Innovation project, which is sponsored by CERF; National Institute of Standards and Technology; U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development;...





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