An Integrated Coastal Management Plan for Mamala Bay
Integrated coastal management plan (1CM), articulated in the 1993 National Research Council study Managing Wastewater in Coastal Urban Areas (NRC,1993) is a new framework for coastal environmental...

Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

Joint Development Planning for Inner City Airport Capital Improvements

Vulnerability Curves for Buildings in Tropical-Cyclone Regions

Use of Geosynthetics in Road and Airfield Construction in Cold Regions

Air Convection Embankments for Roadway Construction in Permafrost Zones

Minimum Thermal Protection for Cold Weather Masonry

Northern Climate Weathering Tests on Sealed Concrete

Oxygen Supplies for Bioremediation in Tundra Soils

Innovative Bioventing System Construction/Operation in Cold Regions

Risk Assessment of Vapors in Cold Regions

Moisture Conditions and Control in Buildings in Fairbanks, Alaska

CPT in Cold Regions Engineering: A Logging and Design Tool

Drinking Water Quality in Small Northern Communities

A New, Low-Cost Ice Control Structure. Part 1: Concept Development

A New, Low-Cost Ice Control Structure. Part 2: Construction and Performance

Shakwak Highway Project—Construction Challenges

Design and Construction for Asphalt Pavements in Permafrost Areas: Case Study of Qinghai-Tibet Highway

Cold Regions Engineering
The Cold Regions Infrastructure—An International Imperative for the 21st Century
This volume includes papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering—The Cold Regions Infrastructure: An International Imperative for the 21st Century....

Asphalt-Concrete Water Barriers for Embankment Dams
Because of its simplicity in design and construction, the asphalt concrete core is rapidly becoming the water barrier of choice for embankment dams in many parts of the world. This is...





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