Short Term Pullout Tests of Geogrid in a Compacted Lateritic Soil

Using Tropical Storm Alberto to Evaluate FERC Guidelines on Probable Maximum Flood Development

Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of a Regional Simulation Model for the Natural System in South Florida

On the Relation Between Urban Wastewater Management Needs and Receiving Water Objectives

A Quantitative Risk Assessment and Risk Management Methodology for Natural Terrain in Hong Kong

Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems
This proceedings, Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems, comprises papers presented at the Engineering Foundation...

Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering in Permafrost Regions

Infrastructure Condition Assessment
Art, Science, and Practice
This proceedings contain papers presented at a conference sponsored by the Facilities Management Committee of the Urban Transportation Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers...

Optimal Land Use and Transportation Planning on the Wasatch Front

A General Framework for Approaching Mobility Problems in Urban Areas

Development and Application of Urban Information Strategies

Urban Control Services Integration the Innovative Components of THERMIE-JUPITER Architecture in Florence

Risk Analysis for Urban Stormwater Quality Management

VOC Inventory at New York City Wastewater Treatment Plants
Although the New York State Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA) implementation plan is not yet in place, the Citys Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is taking a proactive...

Evaluation of Sampling Properties of General Extreme Value (GEV) Distribution-L-Moments Vs Conventional Moments
The sample estimates of conventional moments are shown to be biased and this bias increases for small samples, and especially so when the skewness is high (Wallis et al., 1974). The recently...

Flooding in Southeastern United States From Tropical Storm Alberto, July 1994

Santa Clara River Fluvial Analysis
The Santa Clara River watershed, located in Los Angeles County, has been subject to rapid increases in population and urban development, resulting in channelization, new bridges, and increased...

A Regional Management Plan to Improve Water Quality in the Grassland Basin
Seven irrigation and drainage districts on the west side of Californias San Joaquin Valley have formed a regional drainage entity to implement programs that will reduce the load of selenium...

Rehabilitating Arctic Tundra in Alaska
During the past 25 years, there has been significant progress in tundra rehabilitation. Initially, agronomic practices requiring large quantities of grass seed and fertilizer were believed...

Development of a Regional Atmospheric-Hydrologic Model for the Study of Climate Change in California
An integrated model of atmospheric and hydrologic processes at regional scale over California has been developed in order to translate the large scale atmospheric conditions of critical...





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