Discussion of Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems–EPA Perspective

Multiobjective Planning of Regional Stormwater Detention Systems

Urban Wet Weather Flow Management: Research Directions

Regional Cooperation: The ACT/ACF Basins Comprehensive Study-An Innovative Approach to Federal/Interstate Collaborative Planning

The Newark South Wellfield Aquifer Management Plan: How to Get More Water/Better Water in an Urban Setting!

Effects of Urban Growth on Stream Habitat

Urban Growth, Water Rights, Water Conservation and Institutional Constraints: A case in the Southwest

Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems
This proceedings, Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems, comprises papers presented at the Engineering Foundation...

Impervious Cover as a Urban Stream Indicator and a Watershed Management Tool

Experience from Morphological Research on Canadian Streams: Is Control of the Two-Year Frequency Runoff Event the Best Basis for Stream Channel Protection?

The Economic Benefits of Urban Stream Restoration

Geo-data System for Landslide Hazard Assessment

Retrofitting Stormwater Quality Improvement BMPs in an Urbanized Environment: Redhouse Run Case Study, Baltimore County, MD

Urban Workzone Traffic Management

On the Relation Between Urban Wastewater Management Needs and Receiving Water Objectives

Spatial Ground-Motion Amplification Analysis

Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of a Regional Simulation Model for the Natural System in South Florida

Regional Versus Site Specific Spatial Hazard Analysis

Using Tropical Storm Alberto to Evaluate FERC Guidelines on Probable Maximum Flood Development

Traffic Congestion and Safety: Some Contemporary Issues and Options in Bangladesh





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