Significance of Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction for Water Resources Management on a Regional Scale

Seismic Microzonation Mapping in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Using GIS Based Models to Plan Regional Reclaimed Water Pipeline Networks

North City Tunnel Connects to New Water Reclamation Plant

Water Resources and the Urban Environment
This proceedings, Water Resources and the Urban Environment, contains extended abstracts presented at the ASCE 25th Conference on Water Resources...

Low-Temperature Repair of the Ice Condenser Floor Slab at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

Design of River Crossings for the Trans-Alaska Fiber Optic Cable: Case History

Blue Earth County Finn Road/Oil Gravel Project: CSAH 24 from TH 30 to CSAH 25

End-Run Scheduling to Beat Cold Weather Costs

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements

Engineering Cold Regions Maintenance Equipment for the 21st Century

The City Plan for Philadelphia, a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark (Philadelphia Section)

Functional Considerations for Restoration: A User's Guide for Streambank Stabilization
A brief outline of functional considerations for streambank stabilization....

The Economic Benefits of a Major Urban Beach: A Case Study of Broward County, Florida

Conserving the Marine Resources of the Southern California Bight

An Integrated Strategy for Managing Urban Runoff Pollution in Los Angeles County

Regional Wetlands Planning: A Case Study of Coastal Wetlands Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area & Southern California

Recapturing the Bay Waterfront Through Military Base Conversion

Governing a River of Sand—Developing Policies, Plans and Programs to Manage the San Diego Region's Beaches

The 21st Century's Northeast Asia Hub: Inchon International Airport





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