Trenchless in San Diego
The Middletown Trunk Sewer is located near downtown San Diego. Sewage backups prompted a study, recommending construction of a larger replacement pipeline. The City of San Diego prepared...

The Use of Seepage Trenches for Artificial Ground Water Recharge

Trench Widths for Buried Pipes

Thermal Performance of Trench Backfills for Buried Water Mains

Sewer Trench Subsidence Due to Severe Flooding

Open-Cut Sewer Crossing of Railroad Completed in Just 48 Hours

Slurry Trenching for Waterway Pipeline Installation

Evaluation of Dynamic Compaction of Low Level Waste Burial Trenches Containing B-25 Boxes

Improving Dam Safety Using a Fin Drain
Bloemhoek Dam is an embankment dam with a maximum height of 21 m, which leaked severely after first filling in 1978. This leakage resulted in the development of `boils' over a portion...

1992: When Things Began to Move at Yucca Mountain
This paper examines progress made on the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project (YMP) during 1992 and continuing into 1993. In addition, it discusses and describes design work on...

Lead Isotopic Composition of Paleozoic and Late Proterozoic Marine Carbonate Rocks in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada
Paleozoic and Late Proterozoic marine carbonate rocks (limestones, dolomites, and their metamorphic equivalents) cropping out in the vicinity of Yucca Mountain contain lead with an isotopic...

Screening Effectiveness of Surface Wave by In-filled Trench with Using Boundary Element Method

About Some Dynamic Conditions of the Beach Sedimentary Strata Formation on the Bulgarian Sandy Coast of the Black Sea
Based on detailed studying of the beach sedimentary sequence composition in sections of perpendicular trenches in the western (Bulgarian) coast of the Black sea and comparison with results...

Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal Efficiencies of Infiltration Trenches

Wave Interaction with Fluid Mud in Rectangular Trench
Wave interaction with fluid mud in a rectangular trench is studied theoretically based on small-amplitude wave theory. The problem was formulated using the Voigt model for an viscoelastic...

Slide Stabilization with Stone-Fill Trenches

Ongoing Monitoring Results Pilot Stormwater Disposal Facilities, Pierce County, Washington
The three stormwater disposal facilities evaluated appeared to increase in pollutant removal effectiveness after approximately 4 to 5 months of operation. This may be due to the deposition...

Building a Pipeline—Not a Flow Through Process
This paper will illustrate that the planning, design, and construction of a 32-mile water supply pipeline from Stockton Lake to Springfield involves more than just digging a trench, placing...

Failure of Buried Gas Pipeline Crossing a Trench

Flowable Fill - A Solution to Pipe Backfilling Problems





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