Event Tree Simulation Analysis for Dam Safety Problems

Selection of Jim Falls Turbine Generators
The selection of the unit configuration for the Northern States Power Company's Jim Falls Hydro Redevelopment Project was based on an extensive evaluation of various turbine...

Simulating Roughness of Mesquite in Scale Models

General Aspects of Mangroves of Baixada Santista (S. Paulo State, Brazil)

Development of a Monitoring Program and Vegetative Restoration Project in a Mississippi River Bendway
The Dry Bayou-Thompson Bend area is located on the right descending bank of the Mississippi River between river miles 4. 5 (7. 2 kilometers) and 30. 0 (48. 3 kilometers) above the confluence...

Evaluating Transit: The Performance Tree Method
The objective of this paper is to demonstrate a methodology for choosing financial performance indicators that encourages identification of the relationships among indicators, permits...

Seismic Risk Analysis System
The Seismic Risk Analysis System was developed to model the expertise of experienced engineers and researchers and to provide consultation to the users. The Seismic Risk Analysis System...

Integrated Wastewater and Sludge Treatment in a Tree Farm
A system which integrates land treatment of wastewater following primary sedimentation with tree production and sludge composting was evaluated for its land requirements, costs, and energy...

Hierarchical Substructuring for Adaptive Analysis
An algorithm for the automatic generation, from solid models, of finite element meshes organized as spatially addressable quaternary trees (for 2-D analysis) or octal trees (for 3-D analysis)...

Modelling Transpiration of Subalpine Trees in the Central Rocky Mountains
Forest evapotranspiration (ET) has long been recognized to be a major component in the mass water balance of subalpine watersheds in the central Rocky Mountains. In recent years, research...

Well Rehabilitation Using Decision Tree Analysis
The decision tree concept of decision analysis theory can be easily adapted to the water and wastewater industry in making spending decisions for rehabilitation programs, renewal and replacement...

Cultivation of Christmas Trees Using Reclaimed Municipal Wastewater
This investigation was initiated to identify benefits and limitations associated with application of reclaimed domestic wastewater to a crop of improved Virginia pine christmas trees....

Augmentation of Hydrologic Records Using Tree Rings

Path Clearcuts to Manage Snow in Lodgepole Pine

Soap Films, Steiner Trees and Water Systems

Opportunities and Problems in Planning the New Jersey Pinelands and Coastal Zone

Effects of Acid Rain on Crops and Trees

Timber Harvesting and Soil Erosion

Effects of Lodgepole Pine Logging and Residue Disposal on Subsurface Water Chemistry

Quality of Springflow in the Missouri Ozarks





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