Evaluation of Groundwater Travel-Time Calculations for Yucca Mountain

Model for Water Quality in Periphery of Distribution Systems
A model is presented for water travel time and chlorine concentration in periphery dead ends of the water distribution system. The model is developed under the premise that residential...

Waste of Water Is Costly. Why Not Use an Accurate Flow Monitoring System?
Water becomes more and more a precious good. Therefore the exact measurement of flow of water, the management of water and process control in connection with water will become more and...

An Engineering Information System Application for Water Supply and Distribution Systems
Engineering information systems are characterized by both static infrastructure and dynamic time dependent data. Telemetered readings can often be relatively substantial over an extended...

Time-Dependent Fluid Fracture Interaction in Concrete

Time-Dependent Degradation of Structural Systems During Fire -- A Method for Failure Prediction

Strength and Reliability of Reinforced Concrete Columns with Sustained Loading

Fatigue Reliability Analysis Based on Time Dependent First Passage

Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis of Redundant Brittle Systems

Synthesis of Correlated and Vector-Valued Time Series Based on Random Vibration for Nuclear Piping

Tappan Zee Set for Inverset (Available only in Structures special issue)
Replacing the deck on New York's Tappan Zee Bridge is a ticklish problem, considering that all of the work has to be done at night. A combination of isotropically reinforced...

Modeling Aspects Associated with Time Dependent Behavior of Soils

Evaluation of Long-Term Time-Rate Parameters of Subglacial Till

Strain Rate and Structuring Effects on the Compressibility of a Young Clay

Prediction of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Remolded Soft Marine Clay in Axi-Symmetric Undrained Conditions

Drained Creep Behavior of Marine Clays

Rate-dependent Deformation of Structured Natural Clays

Measuring and Modeling Time Dependent Soil Behavior
This proceedings presents a series of papers on both laboratory and field investigations, as well as constitutive modeling efforts, that all deal with the time dependence of soils and...

Structural Reliability Evaluation with Maintenance Actions

Time-dependent Reliability and Service Life Prediction of Aging Concrete Structures





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