On Conductivity of Soils with Preferential Flow Paths
Laboratory soil column experiments were conducted to study the distribution of preferential flow paths resulting from removal of colloidal size clay particles. These experiments specifically...

At-A-Station Temporal Variations in Flow under Drought and Flood Conditions and Associated Sediment Problems
The way flow variations take place with time under drought and flood conditions, in comparison with normal flow condition, has been investigated along with the related sediment transport...

Impacts due to Density Current Deposition in Reservoirs
Different flow pafterns of density currents in reservoirs are discussed. In delta region, lateral density currents from non-stratified flow in the main channel occurs resulting in floodplain...

Scour around Exposed Pile Foundations
Laboratory experiments were conducted to measure local scour around exposed pile groups for a variety of conditions including different spacings, different skew angles, different patterns...

A Network Transfer Function Model with a Markovian Prior for Tracer Tests Evaluation

Numerical Modeling for Saturated-Zone Groundwater Travel Time Analysis at Yucca Mountain

Sensitivity Studies of Unsaturated Groundwater Flow Modeling for Groundwater Travel Time Calculations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Evaluation of Groundwater Travel-Time Calculations for Yucca Mountain

Model for Water Quality in Periphery of Distribution Systems
A model is presented for water travel time and chlorine concentration in periphery dead ends of the water distribution system. The model is developed under the premise that residential...

Waste of Water Is Costly. Why Not Use an Accurate Flow Monitoring System?
Water becomes more and more a precious good. Therefore the exact measurement of flow of water, the management of water and process control in connection with water will become more and...

Discussion of Some Grid-Independence Issues in the Context of κ—ϵ and κ—ω Models of Turbulence

A Secondary Flow Correction for Depth-Averaged Flow Calculations

A Review of NAPL Modeling Approaches for Remediation

Conveyance Distribution to Define Flow Boundaries at Culverts

Simulation of the Flow Field at An Interconnected Riverine System

Molecular dynamic simulations of quasi-static granular chute flows

Particle Tracking for Unsaturated-Zone Groundwater Travel Time Analysis at Yucca Mountain

Approach to Calculation of Pre-Waste-Emplacement Ground-Water Travel Time

The Role of Ground-Water Travel Time in Suitability and Licensing

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