The Travel Model Improvement Program: A Program Description

A Method for Comparing the Relative Shares of Urban Transportation Modes Between Metropolitan Areas

Shopping Trips and Bus Transit

New Downhole Valve for Aquifer Storage & Recovery

Incorporating TDM Programs Into the Growth Management Process in the Washington DC Area

High Speed Ground Transportation in California

Travel Demand Model Improvements for Air Quality

Simplified Models to Address Conformity Requirements Related to Network Link Speeds

Indianapolis' Aquifer Strategic Defense Initiative

Reliabilities in Operation of Parallel and Series Reservoir Systems

Columbia System Streamflow Forecasting Model

Inter-stellar Propulsion: The Need for Speed
Interstellar travel is certainly one of mankind's next step to reach for the stars. Four ideas for interstellar propulsion are discussed in this paper: the Orion Project, Deep Space Ramjets,...

Feasibility of Treating Synthetic Greywater by Culturing Waldmann's Dark Green Lettuce in a Hydroponic System
The objective of the research was to treat synthetic greywater in a hydroponic system culturing Waldmanns dark green lettuce (Lactuca Stavia L Var. Crispa L). The process is designed as...

The San Gorgonio Pass Water Project
To meet the growing water demand of its service area, the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency has planned to import water from the State Water Project and distribute the water to retailers...

Determinants and Trends in Water Right Market Prices
As the demand for existing water supplies continues to grow, increasing attention is being placed on transferring water rights through markets for urban uses. Transfers are proposed as...

Fort Bend County Surface Water Supply Study
Fort Bend County encompasses approximately 876 square miles in southeast Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. The County's sole source of potable water is groundwater, which supplied 28 million...

Evaluation of the Water Supply Potential of the Floridian Aquifer in Seminole County, Florida
In Seminole County, Florida, a occurred in the 1980s and early 1990s due to a large influx of residents. This large increase in demand, when coupled with a limited groundwater supply,...

Analysis of Potential Highway Routes to Yucca Mountain

Electronic Yellow Pages for Pre-trip Planning Systems
An attempt has been made to introduce Electronic pages or Electronic yellow pages which work similarly to Yellow Pages. The overall system is divided into user interface, network building,...

Clarifier Enhancements Yield Excellent Performance
The critical role of final clarifiers in meeting effluent permit requirements in indisputable. Poor performance of the final clarification step may adversely affect effluent quality. Experience...





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