Single-Shelled Shotcrete Lining Aspects and Application in Central Europe

Comparative Evaluation of System Ductility of Mesh and Fibre Reinforced Shotcretes

The Acapulco Vehicular Tunnel

Transporting Hong Kong
In response to a mobile, rapidly growing population, Hong Kong's Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation is constructing West Rail, a HK$51.7 billion (U.S.$6.7 billion), 30.5 km...

Comparison of Concrete Models for Cyclic Loading

Response Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames in Railroad Viaducts Damaged by the Hyogo-Ken-Nanbu Earthquake

Sedimental Journey
A numerical shoreline evolution model was used to examine the shoreline changes associated with the release of 2.3 million m³ of beach-quality sediment from behind Matilija Dam in Ventura...

Case Study on the Application of Brugg's Pentifix System for Slope Stabilization in Switzerland

Grouting Program Bridges New Building Loads over Unused Railroad Tunnel

Micropiles in Karst: A Case History of Difficulties and Success

Geotechnical Surgery: A Case History

Case History of Ground Improvement for Construction and Hydrotesting of a Large LNG Tank in Puerto Rico

Jet Grout Foundation for Rail Road Bridge

A Case Study of Ground Improvement for a Major Power Plant in Jacksonville, Florida

Case History of East Tennessee Karst: Static Stability of Some Shallow Caves

Mini-Pile Case Histories and a Tensile Load Test on an Instrumented Mini-Pile

Ground Improvement Feasibility Reports for Large Highway Projects: A Case Study of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement Project

Symptom-Based Reliability of Aging Infrastructure Systems
Ideally, aging infrastructure systems should be monitored for safety and repaired in case of need. Eventually, authors believe that symptom-based reliability will be useful for safety...

Under the Microscope
Forensic engineering is typically more complex than engineering design because it requires the integration of specialized knowledge of materials science, structural analysis and design,...

Competitive Edge
A new design system called the simplified economical bridge design (SEBD) makes steel cost-competitive with concrete for short- and medium-span bridges for the first time. In fact, a comparative...





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