Nonlinear Loads and Responses of Ships and Offshore Platforms in Deterministic and Random Waves

Spectral Response Surfaces, Designer Waves and the Ringing of Offshore Structures

Long Term Response Analysis of Fixed and Floating Structures

Advanced Volterra Models for Fluid-Structure Interactions

Wave Climate Parameterization of the Distribution of Maximum Wave Heights and Crest Elevations

A Response Based Method for Developing Joint Metocean Criteria for Seabed Pipeline Design

Comparison of Steady-State and Transient Simulation of the HFBR Tritium Plume at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York

A Numerical Model of Low Frequency Wave Motion on a Beach and over Reefs

Use of Transient Waves in Wave Barrier Model Testing

Assessment of the Random Choice Method for Modeling Tidal Rectification in Coastal Water Bodies

Morphodynamic Responses to Extratropical Meteorological Forcing on the Inner Shelf of the Middle Atlantic Bight: Wind Waves, Currents, and Suspended Sediment Transport

Hydraulic Design and Analysis for a Water Supply System Modification

Transient Flow Analysis of Canal Networks Using the Implicit Finite Difference Model

Calculation of Subsurface Stormflow in Heterogeneous Sloping Aquifers

Verification of Variably Saturated Flow Model

Validation of Site Characterization Method for the Study of Dynamic Pore Pressure Response

Site Response Analyses of Vertical Excitation

Nonlinear Seismic Effective Stress: Dam-Foundation Interaction

Remediation of Embankment Liquefiable Foundation by Densification

Stability Analysis of the Fill Embankment Damaged by Recent Two Major Earthquakes in Hokkaido, Japan





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