Probabilistic Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Motions Under Combined Periodic and Random Excitations

Path Integration Applied to Structural Systems with Uncertain Properties

On the Development of a Selective Algorithm in Advanced Monte Carlo Simulation

Dynamics of Multi-DOF Stochastic Nonlinear Systems

Approximate Solutions to Nonlinear Random Vibration Problems and the Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov Equation

Response Statistics of Moored Floating Structures Subjected to General Nonlinear Random Wave Forces

Variability Response Functions for Plane Elasticity Problems with Multiple Stochastic Material/Geometric Properties

Statistical Aspects of Damages Due to the Great Hanshin Earthquake

First Passage Time of Nonlinear Ship Rolling in Nonstationary Random Seas

Finite Element Interval Estimation by Convex Model

Computational Aspects of Dynamic Concrete Viscoplasticity

Managing Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems in Structural Fuzzy Control

Incorporation of Fuzzy Damage States in Seismic Fragility Analysis

System Dynamics and Modified Cumulant Neglect Closure Schemes

Stable Forced Vibrations Near Unstable Positions

Stochastic Response of a Hysteretic System Under Nonstationary Excitations

Some Recent Advances in Stochastic Structural Dynamics

Statistical Analysis of S-N Fatigue Data; Design Curve Based on Tolerance

Identification of Wind Spectral Characteristics from Structure Response

Control of Mega-Sub Building Against Wind Loads





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