Status of Thermal Loading Evaluations for a Potential Repository

Control of Stacking Loads in Final Waste Disposal According to the Borehole Technique

Water Quality Modeling of the Rouge River Watershed
A relatively detailed modeling framework for calculating pollution flows and loads to the Rouge River has been developed and tested successfully. The framework includes consideration of...

Studies on the Erosion of a Compacted Soil
In the management of water there are certain applications in which compacted soil is used (i.e., dams, embankments, levees, spiliways, and channels). Engineers rely primarily on field...

Reduction of Sediment Loads in DEC Streams
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Demonstration Erosion Control (DEC) project is actively involved in the stabilization and restoration of many drastically disturbed incising streams in...

A New Technique for Measuring Vegetation Density
Detennination of the discharge capacity of a vegetated channel or floodplain requires a reasonable estimate of a flow resistance coefficient; such as Manning' n....

Mitigation Measures for Eroding Muddy Shores
A criterion for the stability of muddy coasts is proposed, accounting for bottom resistance, hydrodynarnic forcing and sediment supply. Although qualitative, this criterion provides a...

A Refined Numerical Approach for the Limit-Load Analysis of 3-D Steel Rod Structures

Soil-Structure Interaction for Base-Isolated Buildings

Numerical Simulation of Permanent Deformation in Flexible Pavement Systems Subjected to Moving Loads

A Uniaxial Constitutive Model Accounting for Viscoelasticity and Damage Evolution under Cyclic Loading

Average Stress-Strain Relationships of Rebars in RC Panels

Some Computational Issues in the Control of Distributed Systems

Comparing Three Techniques for Finding the Overall Lengths of Installed Timber Piles

Cement Among Grains

Characterization of Turbulent Scales in Atmospheric Wind by Orthonormal Wavelets

The Aerodynamic Forces on Low-Rise Structures: The Effects of Incident Turbulence

Resonance Induced Steel Cross-Arm Fatigue Failures

Bearing Capacity of a Prestressed Cracked Plate

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames





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