Repeated Loading of Stabilized Recycled Aggregate Base Course
The fatigue behavior, resilient properties, and progressive accumulation of damage due to repeated flexural loads on a fiber-reinforced pavement base course material composed of cement-stabilized...

Separation and Filtration of Soils Using Geotextiles in Dynamic Laboratory Tests

Long-Term Effects of Suspended Solids Loads on Constructed Wetland Performance
Discussion session summary....

Fire Performance Issues

Design Specifications and Standards

Mass Loading and Subsequent Baywide Transport of Sediment Resuspension During Tug Assisted Ship Movements at the Naval Station San Diego

Geo-Material Characterization Using Digital Micrograph Analysis

The Los Angeles Export Terminal's Coal Transportation Link to the Pacific Rim

Pile Load Test Program—Kwajalein Drydock

New Shiploading System for Pacific Coast Terminals

Computer Mooring Load Analysis to Improve Port Operations and Safety

Mooring Dynamics Due to Wind Gust Fronts

Today's Automobile Ferry Terminal Improvements Solve Tomorrow's Intermodal Transportation Needs

Soil-Cement Pile/Column: A System of Deep Mixing

A Study of Stress Distribution in Geogrid-Reinforced Sand

Dynamic Loading on Foundation on Reinforced Sand

Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Respect to Frost Resistance: A Case Study

A Study of Slip Displacements Caused by Dynamic Loading at Geosynthetic Interfaces

Verification of Variably Saturated Flow Model

Two-Dimensional Bank Erosion Model for Noncohesive Bank Material





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