Improving the Speed of Double Lockages
The size of tug and barge combinations on the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway frequently exceed the dimensions of the lock chambers they must pass through. The locks on these...

A Hydrodynamic FVM Algorithm on Arbitrary Grids
This paper presents a finite volume algorithm for the vertically averaged integral form of the hydrodynamic governing equations on an unstructured grid system. The algorithm is applicable...

Motion Planning of a Robotic Arm on a Wheeled Vehicle on a Rugged Terrain

Telerobotic Servicing with Virtual Reality Calibration and Semi-Automatic Intermittent Model Updates

Control of Construction Robots using Camera-Space Manipulation

The Ranger Telerobotic Flight Experiment: Mission, Technologies, and Programmatics

Demonstration of the Smart Crane Ammunition Transfer System

Mobile Robots for Security

Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation Engineering
This proceedings, Applications of Advanced Technologies in Transportation Engineering, consists of extended abstracts of papers presented at...

A Decision Support System for Minimizing the Disturbance of Airfield Construction (SFIA Case Study)

GIS-T Design for its Applications

Traffic Action Effect Reduction Factors

Probabilistic Model for the Simulation of Traffic Flows over Highway Bridges

Site-Specific Live Load Models for Bridge Evaluation

Vehicle Traction Performance Comparison for Alaska Winter Seasons

Equilibrium/Control Results and the Approach to Near-Equilibrium of a New Dynamic Micro-Simulation/Assignment Model on a Network Model of York

Single-Station Incident Detection Algorithm (SSID) for Sparsely Instrumented Freeway Sites

The Highway Safety Expert System: A New Approach to Safety Programs

Simple and Efficient Traffic Vision Algorithms

Cost Benefit Analysis of Video-Based Vehicle Detection





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