Advanced Transit and Prosperity

Speedwalk-an Accelerating Moving Walkway

Generalised Assessment Method: Rules and Guidelines

Upgrading for ATO on the Yokahama Kanazawa Seaside Line

Today's Automobile Ferry Terminal Improvements Solve Tomorrow's Intermodal Transportation Needs

A Vessel Traffic Simulation Model for the North Sea Channel Area

Port of Amsterdam: Reconstruction of Entrance Locks—A Simulation Study

A Neural Network-Based Traffic Control System for Isolated Intersections

A Computer Model for Assessing the Safety of AICC

Modeling and Simulation of Traffic Flow on Indian Roads

A Study on Time-Space Occupancy Exposure Volume Index for the Residential Streets Interacted by Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Streams

Impact of the Car Sharing Scheme on Mode Choice

Landside Planning at ABIA

Comprehensive Optimization for Operation Division of Labor of Yards at Two-way Marshaling Station

Studies on Travel Demand and Traffic Forecasting for China's Expressway

A General Network Model and Algorithm for Solving the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem

The Feasibility of Alternative Hubbing in the Case of a Major Schedule Disturbance: A Case Study Using Austin as a Reliever-Hub for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

Simulation and Validation of Four Quadrant Gate Operations

Hahn Air-Industrial Park: A Case Study for Military Airfield Conversions

PIACON: Traffic Control Method with Video Feedback





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