Urban Transport in Xiamen, China: The Challenge of Finding an Environmentally Sustainable Transport System

A Conditional Logit Model and the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives Phenomenon

Solving Asymmetric Network Equilibrium Problems with Genetic Algorithms

Urban Transportation Planning Methods in China

Problems Analysis of Train Speed-increasing on Main Lines with Heavy Traffic

Dynamic: A Queuing-Based Dynamic Macroscopic Traffic Assignment/Simulation Model

Analysis of Travel Time by Vertical Queue

The Effects of Missing Data on Neural Network Performance in Forecasting Flow

A Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for User to Choose the Optimal Route

A Capacity Restraint Assignment Model for Congested Public Transport Systems

Traffic Assignment with the Turning Movements at Signal Intersection

A Projection Algorithm for the Dynamic Network Equilibrium Problem

An Equilibrium Assignment Model for Mixed Traffic Network

Stochastic Traffic Assignment with a Simulation-Based Delay Model

The Study about the Formation Mechanism of the Mixed Traffic Flow in Big Cities in China

A General Network Model and Algorithm for Solving the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem

A Transit Passenger Flow Control Model on KCR

A Study on Dynamic System Optimum Traffic Assignment

Evaluations of Travel Demand Management Schemes Using a Combined Modal Split and Traffic Assignment Model

A Model for Evaluating and Analyzing the Multi-Criterion Traffic Tool Choices





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