Automated On-Scene Management of Traffic Accidents

Advanced Traveller Information Systems: Experience from the PLEIADES and ROMANSE Projects

Use of Traffic Information System in Congested Area

Development and Application of Urban Information Strategies

An Architecture Integrating Symbolic and Connectionist Models for Traffic Management Center Decision Support

Trip Mode Recommendation Using Travel Time Prediction

The Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Advanced Traveler Information and Traffic Management Systems

VMS Control in Aalborg

Aid-to-Decision for Variable Message Sign Control in Motorway Networks during Incident Condition

VARIA - Variable Message Sign Control Based on OD-Estimation in a Motorway Network

Applications of Predictive Numerical Simulations Using Calibrated Macroscopic Traffic Flow Models

Traffic Control System for Metropolitan Areas Based on Radio Links between Vehicles and Infrastructure

Package System for Supporting Decisions in a County Area

A Short Term Forecasting Model for Freeway Traffic Monitoring, and Control

An Enhanced Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Dynamic Freeway OD Matrix Estimation and Prediction

A Two-Level Approach for the Control of Freeways

LP Type Dynamic On-Ramp Traffic Control Model for Urban Expressway

DRACULA - Microscopic, Day-to-Day Dynamic Modelling of Traffic Assignment and Simulation

The Rapid Simulation of a Signalised Road Network

Modeling Freeway Lane Changing Behavior





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