Overview of Congestion Measurement Principles

Congestion Analysis of Southfield Freeway - A Case Study

TSIS: Advanced Traffic Software Tools for the User

ITRAF, a GUI for the TRAF Family of Models

Traffic Congestion and Safety: Some Contemporary Issues and Options in Bangladesh

Fatal Accidents and Labor Effectiveness: The Brazilian Case

A Model of a Dynamic Dilemma Zone at Highway-Rail Intersections

Improved Methods for Capacity Restraint Traffic Assignment

A New Uniform Delay Model for Signalized Intersections

A Policy Review Module for the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model

Application of Object Technology to A Traffic Simulation System

Basis of License Plate Recognition and a New Approach

Control Automation of NIPSCO Hydroelectric Plants

Comparison Between Different Reliability Techniques to Calculate the Standard Deviation of the Predicted Traffic: A Case Study from Egypt

Selection of Ramp Truck Rollover Countermeasures Using Notice Ratings

The Basic Characteristics of Debris Flow Hazard Along the Sichuan-Xizhang (Tibet) Highway in China

Traffic Congestion and Traffic Safety in the 21st Century
Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities
This proceedings, Traffic Congestion and Traffic Safety in the 21st Century: Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities, contains papers presented...

Teleoperation for Construction Equipment

An Instantaneous Motion Planning and Controlling Tool (IMPACT) for Construction Equipment

Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Operations on Wide Curb Lanes, Bicycle Lanes, and Paved Shoulders





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