Modeling of Airport Hub Operations

Evolution and Future of SIMMOD

Airport Modeling and Simulation
This proceedings, Airport Modeling and Simulation contains papers presented at the conference held in Arlington, Virginia, August 17-20, 1997....

Some Aspects of the Design of Piled Raft Foundations

Accuracy of Methods for Predicting Axial Capacity of Deep Foundations

The Behavior of Distinctive Pile Type Under the Same Building

Evaluation of Pile Load Tests in Soft Cohesive Louisiana Soils

Seismic Isolation Design of the New International Terminal at San Francisco International Airport

Local Buckling Analysis of Steel Bridge Pier under Cyclic Loading

Behavior and Design of Laterally Braced Inelastic Columns

A Simplified Design Procedure for End- and Base-Plates of Traffic Support Structures

Evaluation of Nail Dowel Bearing Strength Expression

Mechanical Damping System for Mast Arm Traffic Signal Structures

Truck-Induced Wind Loads on Highway Sign Support Structures

Traffic Signal Structure Research at the University of Wyoming

Strain Measurements on Traffic Signal Mast Arms

Analysis of the Catastrophic Failure of the Support Structure of a Changeable Message Sign

Early Warning System
The Rock Hazard Rating System (RHRS) can help highway owners mitigate the risks of rock slope failure. This system helps owners determine which slopes are most hazardous and should be...

Theoretical Framework for Network Reliability Assessment of Highway Systems under an Earthquake Environment

Further Studies on the Reduction of Seismic Risk in Highway Networks with Limited Resources





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