Advances in Composite Materials and Mechanics
Recent advances in the development and use of composite materials have renewed interest in the applications of engineering mechanics in this growing field. This proceedings provides a...

Modeling of Airport Hub Operations

Structural Components – Analysis and Design Examples

Failure of Composite Structures

Total and Effective Stress Analysis of Suction Caissons for Gulf of Mexico Conditions

Studies of the Behavior of a Suction Pile with a Simplified Numerical Model

Computer Models for Tidal Hydraulic Analysis at Highway Structures

Implications of Recent Nonlinear Analyses on Seismic Standards of Liquid Storage Tanks

Bayesian Risk Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Workers' Occupational Health and Safety Problems

Hatchie River and Schoharie Creek Bridge Failures

Seismic Analyses of a Linear Accelerator Concrete Tunnel

Selection of an Optimal Ecosystem Restoration Plan: Decision-Making Criteria in the Planning Process
(No paper) This paper explores various decision criteria for restoration projects and how they may be modeled with existing decision models. Cost-effectiveness, incremental cost analyses,...

Risk Assessment Methods for Environmental Accounting

Economic factors of Floods, Scour, and Bridge Failures

Findings of the I-5 Bridge Failure

Quantitative Techniques for Stream Stability Analysis

Structural Evaluation of Harnessed Joints

Specific Features of Design and Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge over River Ob in Western Siberia (Russia)

Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems: New Developments and Future Directions

Lifelines Interaction Effects on the Earthquake Emergency Response of Fire Department in Tehran Metropolis





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